Your place of aesthetics, washing and restoration

Vip Car Wash Ibiza is today a big reference in the automobile industry thank to our professionalism and our constant innovation. We work with the newest and most exclusive products in the market, besides having the best professional washing machines.

We do know how important your car is to you, so our treatment will be unsurpassable. Not only we ensure the best results, but also quickness and a wide services offer so you can choose the one that fits best within your necessities.

Every vehicle is welcome to our establishment, from a familiar car to high-luxury vehicles, which have trusted our professional Detailing for several years..

In addition, Vip Car Wash Ibiza goes a further step towards excellence besides offering cleaning services, comprehensive services and aesthetic restoration which can be checked in detail below:


Cleaning services


Exterior washing

High quality neutral shampoo

Two buckets of water technique

Hand-drying with microfiber textils

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The most complete exterior washing service in the market. Pre-washing, tires cleanings, gorges and wheelarches, soaping with 100 % natural lamb wool glove, hand-drying with microfiber towel, rubbers and plastics rejuvenation, windows brightening…


Interior Cleaning

Exhaustive carpet vacuum cleaning

cleaning of dashbaoards, doors and panels

interior windows cleaning

We clean the most inaccessible places of your vehicle to eliminate all the dirt. Thank to our high-accuracy paintbrushes, and by a thorough work we get to clean any interior part, no matter its size or its difficulty of getting into it.


Engines cleaning

Waterproof protecction of delicate areas

Engine up to optimum cleaning temperature

Low pressure water application

In Vip Car Wash Ibiza we get excellent results without endanger your engine. Low pressure water application, hand-drying, elimination of moisture by air stream at high-pressure, brightening of plastic and chromed parts, etc.


Upholstery cleaning

Liquid repellency treatments

Fabrics and leather cleaning

Cleaning, protection and hydration of leather material. Cleaning of ceilings and carpets, both leather and fabric. We also make water-repellent sealing to protect the upholstery, as well as an exhaustive cleaning service of upholsteries, carpets, ceilings...


Elimination of Ozone odours

Rubbers and plastics rejuvenation

Special cleaning of tires

Interior disinfection and elimination of Ozone smells. Rejuvenation of rubbers and plastics so as to not lose its texture and original colour, special cleaning of tires (assembled or not assembled), motorbikes and babies seats cleaning...


Tires sealing

uplholstery sealing with liquids repellency

Sealing of rainproof windows and demister

decontamination and polishing of windows

In Vip Car Wash Ibiza we believe that one of the cornerstones of our success is innovation. That´s why we offer exclusive services such as tires sealing, sealing of rainproof windows and demister or upholstery sealing with liquids repellency.


Polishing and wax

Carnauba polishing Wax

Dust, moisture and corrosion protection

Bodywork with permanent shine

Thank to manual treatment of Carnauba polishing wax your vehicle will shine as it was new, protected from dust, rain, and possible corrosion provoked by marine environment. In addition, with the help of our exclusive nanotechnological ceramic coatings your car will be protected during three years.


Professional Detailing

High-accuracy paintbrushes

Meticoulous cleaning of the vehicle

Our detailing service consists of washing, drying, decontaminating, polishing and waxing the vehicle with high accuracy and exhaustively, besides cleaning the interior surfaces and even little repairs like scratches on the painting and leather will be made. It´s the most complete service of the market.


Our products

Restoration services

Painting correction

We restore your car´s painting so as it shines as it was new, eliminating every flaw. Painting decontamination with Clay Bar, bodywork polishing in three phases (cutting, polishing and brightening) in order to remove tar and pollution particles embedded in the sheet. Meet as well our exclusive nanotechnological ceramic coatings for an optimum effective and durable protection, having protection periods up to three years.

Leather and fabric seats restoration

Both leather and fabric seats restoration. We repair the damages located on your seats, such a stains, moisture, holes or burns. Besides this, we also apply sealing treatments in order to protect your seats from liquids and dirt. Moreover, we also dispose of our designing tailored sheath service.

Steering Wheel restoration

We restore your steering wheel so that better results give us, adapting to every wheel and offering personal solutions. We make our restorations through several methods either by tinting or upholstering it with leather. This process is made in some phases (taping, sanding, tinting, etc) so as to get optimum results

Lights restoration

Your car´s lights not only are important esthetic elements, but also improve your safety on road, as driving with the right lighting is fundamental. Hence, Vip Car Wash Ibiza helps you to maintain them in a proper way, fixing any type of damages and breaks, besides a professional polishing in order to get a brilliant finishing.

Plastics, vinlys and dashboards restoration

Both plastics and vinyls suffer an important damage due to the passage of time. But, by our exclusive restoration services, always with specialized products, we make them to return to their ideal status. By complex methods we reconstruct the plastic parts, vinyls and dashboards that have been damaged, pursuing perfection as we do in every of our works.

Chromed parts and metals polish

With the passage of time, it´s normal that the most delicate parts of your vehicle get damaged. This occurs with the chromed parts of the cars, as the passage of years as well as the corrosive effect of extern factors such as humidity, dust, marine environment, etc…, make them lose some of its beauty. However, Vip Car Wash Ibiza is in charge of recovering their status and come to shine again as it was the first day, carrying out a thorough professional chromed parts polishing.

Restoration, tinting and waterproofing of bonnets

In order to have your convertible car in optimum conditions, it is important to take care of one of the most significant parts of the vehicle, as it is the bonnet. Therefore, Vip Car Wash Ibiza provides its specific restoration, tinting and waterproofing bonnets service.

Seats, steering wheels and carpets upholstering

In addition to upholstery washing and restoration service, Vip Car Wash Ibiza provides its designing and installation tailored sheath service for seats, in order to get an unique and exclusive interior of the car. Moreover, we also make upholstery of steering wheels, dropped ceilings, carpets, dropped seats, etc.